Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom

For its pre-Baselworld 2017 timepiece, Harry Winston internments the transient beauty of the cherry blossom tree on the dial of the charming new Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom.
Implemented with great artistic understanding and flair, the dial of the Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece is a delightful recreation of the flowering of the cherry blossom tree. The background is created from pale green-blue mother-of-pearl and uses the natural iridescence of the nacre to simulate clouds on a blustery spring day. A flurry of 39 brilliant-cut diamonds and 29 brilliant-cut pink sapphires dispersed across the dial represent the flowers and petals of the cherry blossom tree. Cut in diverse sizes to create a sensation of depth and drive, the precious gemstones ensure that the beauty of the bloom will never diminish.